The Guardian – Girls’ brains help them do better at exams – and at gang crime – scientists say

This is a link to an article on the Guardian website. It considers research that suggests girls brains help them in street gangs. An interesting read. Written by Paul Gallagher.



Wrexham’s New Jail Under the Spotlight

This is a link to a blog post considering the potential impact of the proposed new ‘super’ prison in Wrexham, Wales. Wrexham prison is set to become the largest prison within England and Wales and will also be the second largest prison in Western Europe. However, since the announcement of this new prison, it has been plagued with strong opposition in the local area. The article in question considers some of the arguments against the prison, as well as some of the arguments for it.


Podcast of Professor David Nutt

Number 5 in the list is a recording of a lecture conducted by Professor David Nutt who was sacked from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs following a clash with Government ministers over the classification of recreational drugs following a research paper in which he stated that taking ecstasy was no more harmful than horseback riding. The podcast discusses some of his research and is very interesting to listen to, raising some interesting discussion points around drug taking, politics and media and public perception.